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Lease Terms & Qualifications

The following terms and conditions are not all-inclusive and are provided to answer basic questions a regarding my lease agreements.  Tenants should carefully read any lease agreement before signing.  All tenants are provided with my phone number and email alias.  I ask tenants to call or email me anytime to discuss any issue regarding their apartment..  My view is that my tenants are my customer, and I want my customers to be happy customers.  As such, I respond Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

Safety Issues.  The safely of my tenants is very important to me.  All apartments are equipped with the requisite safety features, such as deadbolts, smoke detectors, and a kitchen fire extinguisher.  Tenants are asked to contact me regarding any issue which may compromise the your safety, or the safety of your family or guests.  I will make every effort to resolve the issue in a timely manner.  Safety issues include items such as broken deadbolts, dying, diseased or dead trees, and malfunction of smoke detectors.

Lease Agreements.  

Lease Qualifications. Please read carefully!


Security Deposits.

Deposit is based upon your FICO Credit Score.


When unexpected situations arise, I ask tenants to promptly contact me (email is best!) in order to discuss and develop an action plan to correct the issue.

On-going Maintenance.

Tenants are asked to respect the property and care for the apartment as if it were theirs.  As such, tenants should regularly address the typical issues that come with living in a home, such as the following items.  When in doubt, tenants should call or email me to discuss the issue.  I'm here to help.

Tenants do not replace the HVAC filters.  This is handled bi-monthly by Budde Gardens maintenance staff.


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